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Transforming Your Online Business Presence

Having online real estate (a.k.a. website) in this day and age is simply not enough. You must ensure that your website is actually found! In order for it to be found by your target audience, your website has to rank at the top of relevant search engine searches. One strategy that increases search engine ranking is […]

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A “Pinteresting” Tip

As you rise to the challenge of making change part of your regular marketing strategy, here’s a “Pinteresting” thing to consider. Pinterest is taking the Social Media world by storm, and it’s time for all businesses to take notice. It’s no longer a platform for photographers and graphic designers to share their work, or for crafters to […]

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Playing Nice in the Social Media Sandbox

Originally published in Mingle Magazine, February 2012 It’s a new year, and with it comes new strategies, new technologies, and inevitably…new competitions. Gone are the days when you stay on your side of town and the competition stays on the other. The Internet has eliminated sides and created one giant sandbox in which everyone has […]

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