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The Ethics of Online Communication

Over the past week I have been forced to question the nature of ethical online communication: what is allowed and what isn’t, what is ethical and want isn’t, and what are the boundaries I want to set for myself? This was sparked by a local business’ Twitter account being suspended without question after FALSE spam […]

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Tips for Switching Over to Facebook Timeline

Facebook Timeline is HERE for businesses. As of March 30, all business pages will be transitioned over to the new platform. There are negatives and positives, and whether you are in favor of it or not is basically a moot point. The change IS happening. There will no longer be Facebook badges, so you will […]

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The Business of Change

I had the opportunity to attend a public meeting recently for a new business space to be built in the HRM. There were two distinct sides of the room, strangely enough – the right side supporting the space and the left one opposing it. What struck me about the opposition was the very evident and […]

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