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Using Lists for Networking on Twitter

Creating lists on Twitter can make it easier to network with specific groups of people. You can create private lists for your own use, to stay connected with clients and potential clients, for example. Using these lists allows you easily to watch for tweets that come from these people so you can reply/retweet accordingly. You can […]

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Greening Through Technology: Hardware, Hosting, Apps and More for Environmentally Conscious Business Practices

Published originally in abbreviated form in the June Edition of Mingle Magazine. With technology playing such a large role in business today, businesses that are serious about decreasing their carbon footprint should make sure to factor their technology practices into the “greening” process. From server use, electricity and carbon emissions to landfills lined with old […]

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The Art of Social Networking

Networking with local business groups, chambers of commerce, and more plays a key role in company growth for many business people. Why? In some ways, there’s still nothing like face-to-face connections for driving business. Face-to-face connections lead to exposure, coffee meetings, and referrals. Plus, in a business environment where word of mouth is still relied on […]

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