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Your Community Online: Volume 2

Originally published in Local Connections Halifax, Summer 2012 Edition People throughout history have loved a good party, and monumental celebrations took place even in ancient cultures. Solstice and Harvest festivals were celebrated in Ancient China and Mesopotamia, maybe earlier, and as cultures developed so did the celebrations of their people. Olympic Games, May Day, Lantern […]

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Social Media Trends: Pinterest, Google Plus and More

A Brief Look at the Pinterest Trend If a trend’s current and projected growth is significant and there are obvious uses that would speak strongly to your target audience, it could be a wise time investment to start getting involved. This does not mean it should supplant your other social media efforts, but you could […]

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Following Social Media Trends

Social Media is NOT a trend. Well, at least not in every sense of the word. Is it popular? Absolutely. Is it a tendency that will only last for a brief moment in history? Definitely not. I’m confident it’s here to stay. In what form is impossible to predict with certainty, of course…its evolution is […]

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