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Is Kijiji Advertising Right for Your Business

In many areas Kijiji has become a widespread platform for buying and selling, especially of used products. In some locations it has also come to be used more and more for advertising both business to consumer and business to business services. Should you advertise your business on Kijiji? Before answering that question, let’s take one […]

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Optimizing Your Twitter Hashtags

If you have a Twitter account, then you have undoubtedly seen words preceded by the infamous # or hashtag, as it’s called. Hashtags provide a way for Twitter users to categorize their tweets so they can be found in tweet searches. Think of hashtags as keywords, and when those keywords are very popular, they become […]

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The Facebook Group Divide

The use of Facebook groups is becoming a divisive issue, especially among business owners. Many users love groups for the same reasons that others hate them. What’s at the crux of this argument? Anyone can start a group for any reason and add people to it without having their prior approval. Many Facebook users find […]

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