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Are You Where You Need to Be in Social Media?

Everyone is hopping on the social media bandwagon these days, that is if they didn’t start hopping some time ago. However, many business people are using the wrong platforms, so all the hopping in the world won’t lead to business growth. How do you know what the “right” platform is? Some will say that if […]

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Breaking the Link Between Facebook & Twitter

If your company still has its Facebook and Twitter pages linked so that Facebook posts go to Twitter or Twitter posts go to Facebook…. STOP IT!! Hashtags on Facebook are a clear sign that you haven’t taken the time to think about how to communicate in a unique way with your Facebook fans, and tweets […]

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Identify Your Social Media Goals

The world of social networking can seem like a vast time-sucking black hole, and without a plan of action it is, indeed, just that. The first step to creating your organization’s strategic social media plan is to identify the goals your company wants to accomplish using social media. Keep in mind that the ROI of […]

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