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Creating a Franchise Internet Marketing & Social Media Model

In order to set your franchise system and your franchisees up for long-term online success, it’s crucial to create a well-defined online marketing model that identifies how the Internet will be used in marketing and who is responsible for various components of that process. Unfortunately, this is an element that is often overlooked. It’s important […]

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How to Handle Twitter: Some Quick Tips to Help You Engage Better

Originally Published in the Winter 2013 Edition of Local Connections Halifax by Frances Leary The new year is here, and Haligonians everywhere started January with a bang and have been running ever since. Running from meeting to meeting, running to catch deadlines, running to networking events…and doing everything they can to keep their business endeavors […]

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Is Your Franchise Brand a Social Media Mess?

In our line of business, we see this all the time. Countless Facebook pages and Twitter profiles, LinkedIn company pages and Google+ pages …all representing different locations of the same brand …but in completely different ways.   ●Different logos. ●Random images. ●Lack of consistency. ●Inappropriate messaging. ●Companies engaging like individuals. ●No engagement at all. ●Complaints […]

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