To Mars and a Million with Social Media

For the past month, I’ve had the opportunity to be part of a new project…in the film industry!

Watch the trailer to get your first taste of it:

The movie is part of a project called the Cinecoup Film Accelerator, and our team is competing for a $1 million movie contract and guaranteed theatrical play.

The competition is turning the film industry updside down by forcing filmmakers to build up an online fanbase before the movie is even made.

That’s where I come in.

On the Red Horizon team (the only registered Atlantic Canadian team), I’m the marketing and social media strategist, and it’s given me the opportunity to playpush boundaries and take risks online that I’ve never taken before.

It’s forced me out of my comfort zone, and I’m so glad it has. The experience has given me a new perspective, and by forcing me to think outside the box it has actually brought me back full circle to where I began – as a storyteller.

And what better place than social media to tell a story!

I encourage all of you to take a step back and consider your social strategies in a new light. What story are you telling your audience? What is the picture your online engagement paints of you? What is your company’s voice? Character? Personality? How does that come through online?

As you consider that, I invite you also to participate in my journey – to blast off with us…by watching the trailers, voting in the competitions and, for those of you in Halifax, to join us forHappy Hour Takes Flight.

You can start by watching the trailer (above) and then meeting the entire Red Horizon Team (Kris Booth, Andrea McCulloch and me). You can watch our team in our 1st Mission  by clicking on the photo below:

We’d love you to be part of our community on Red Horizon Facebook or Red Horizon Twitter. I appreciate any support you can give, and more than anything I’m so glad you’re part of my story, in whatever way that is.

~Frances Leary
President, Wired Flare 

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