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What Makes Wired Flare Unique

Part of what we do with each of our clients is to identify what sets them apart from their “competition” – what makes them totally unique. Helping our clients do that begins with going through that process for ourselves. What really sets us apart from our “competition”? The truth is that we don’t actually have […]

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Tips for Managing Your Franchise Social Media

by Frances Leary Originally published in The Franchise Voice Vol. 16 Issue 3, published by the Canadian Franchise Association. While more and more franchises are coming to recognize that they have to “do” social media these days, there is still very little understanding of how to manage a franchise-wide social media strategy that benefits franchisees […]

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Understand What Social Media Platforms to Use

Don’t know what social media platforms are most important for your business? You’re luck. In this video, Frances Leary outlines three questions that will help businesses determine what social media platforms they should be using to propel business growth. For more of our videos, check out the Wired Flare YouTube Channel.  

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