Franchise Social Media Management Tips

Franchise Social Media Management Tips

Franchise social media management is a crucial element in the success of every franchise.

However, many franchises do not have a system for managing their franchise social media effectively. Often this is because they grew quickly and (frankly) forgot about it. Sometimes they made the assumption that franchisees could take care of it without worry. In other situations they simply don’t know where to start, so they haven’t begun at all.

However, whatever the obstacles may be that prevented the implementation of a franchise social media strategy in the past…it is time to overcome them.

Here are some tips that can help.

  1. Determine whether you will have brand accounts only or social networks for every local franchise.
  2. Identify who is responsible for franchise online brand management and social media – franchisor, franchisees or both.
  3. Setup the social media usage policies and social care policies that will guide online communication and customer service.
  4. Create a social media communication strategy that includes: content, engagement, customer service and measurement.

View our SlideShare for more details about how to manage your franchise social media.

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