Successful Franchise Online Brand Management

Successful Franchise Online Brand Management

Successful franchise online brand management looks different to every franchise.

For some, it means maintaining everything through corporate channels: franchise social media, websites, PPC, and all online communication.

For others it means that corporate takes a hands-off approach to the franchise online brand management, leaving most of it to franchisees to handle on their own.

Still for others, it means there is a shared approach that allows franchisees and the corporate team some type of ownership of online marketing that is used to grow the franchisees.

However, the truth is that many franchises haven’t even identified what their online brand management strategy is. Often there is so much else involved in franchise growth that this is neglected.

Unfortunately, when it is neglected, the franchise is often left in a big mess online. This could mean:

  • Poor customer service
  • Misuse of franchise brand materials
  • Breaches in privacy
  • Inappropriate messaging
  • Lack of consistency

And the list goes on.

The sad reality is that most franchises still struggle with their online brand management.

In a 2014 study, 54% of franchises were found to have poor online presence for corporate and franchisees, and 18% had almost no online presence at all.

Read the complete article on Franchise Social Media Statistics.

Most often these results are not for lack of wanting to support franchisees in their growth but rather a lack of knowledge around what is involved and how to executive an online brand management strategy.

The first step is to find out what your franchise looks like online right now.

  • Where are you succeeding?
  • Where are you struggling?
  • What are your franchisees actually doing online?

Answering these questions will put your franchise online brand management on the road to success.

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