Tips for Running Effective Social Media Ads

Tips for Running Effective Social Media Ads

Running social media ads to promote your product or service can be very successful at generating new leads and new customers. Social ads can also be much less expensive and far easier to manage than Pay-Per-Click ads on search engines like Google.

However, in order to get the best bang for your buck, there are still some important aspects about social advertising that you need to know. Here are some tips to help you implement ads into your social media strategy successfully.

Include These Elements as You Create Your Social Media Ad:

  1. Great Headline
    1. Catches audience attention and prompts click-thru
    2. Matches what the offer is about
    3. You can analyze your headline here:
  2. Compelling Copy (about 1 sentence long)
    1. Highlights what makes you unique
    2. Provides a special offer and describes the benefits
    3. Includes an actionable CTA (download, subscribe, order, start a free trial, etc.)
    4. Includes a keyword (to match your offer/landing page and for search)
    5. Is VERY specific
    6. Matches language to your offer and landing page
  3. Engaging Image that resonates with the audience and has a strong connection to the content offer
    (There are many tools that can help you create engaging social media images.)
  4. Link to Landing Page (not to your main site)

Follow These Best Practices as You Setup Your Social Media Ad Campaign:

  • Select the correct purpose for the ad (to drive link traffic)
  • Set audience with targeted demographics
  • Set small daily budget to test
  • Test for 3 days
  • Measure results (look at click-thru rate, aim for less than $1 per click)
  • If click-thru rate is too high, make 1 change to either the audience demographics or the ad itself. Test for another 3 days.
  • If click-thru rate is still too high make 1 other change to either the audience demographics or the ad itself. Test for 3 days.
  • If you change too many things at one time, you won’t know what’s making the ad effective and what isn’t.

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