Inspired by Facebook’s Thankful Button: Benefits of Thankfulness Online

Inspired by Facebook’s Thankful Button: Benefits of Thankfulness Online

Did you see the purple “Thankful” flower that Facebook introduced in honour of Mother’s day? It was a lovely surprise that we were happy to use on many posts during the days it was available.

What a treat (and, not just for mothers)!

The button has since been removed, but that doesn’t mean our thankfulness needs to end. It simply means that we are back to requiring more than a button to express our gratitude towards our friends online. Now, thanks to the purple flower, we are equipped with the reminder of how good it feels to express when we are feeling thankful.

In honour of the little purple Facebook flower, here are 7 reasons to share why you are thankful with your friends online:

  1. It feels good. This is a no-brainer. The more grateful you are, the better you feel. It’s true! Who doesn’t want to feel good? Not us…
  2. It combats materialism, which often makes people feel inadequate and less appreciative of what they already have.
  3. It makes the glass seem half full. Optimism and gratitude go hand in hand. Acknowledging all of the wonderful things that you already have will fill up that cup.
  4. It helps fortify your relationships. How often do you want to be around someone that is constantly complaining? How often do you want to be around someone who shares their gratitude? Be the second “someone” that you would want to be around.
  5. It is a great networking tool. You’ve seen the #FF on Twitter, right? #FF = Follow Friday – where many users tweet to their most engaging followers with a “thank you” for the engagement. Who doesn’t want to be on that list? Sharing a thank you with a business interest will help to build your professional relationship.
  6. It makes you more productive. Remembering your “haves” rather than fretting about your “have-nots” will make you feel more confident and focused, which will make you more productive.
  7. It inspires better physical and mental health. The more gratitude you feel and express, the less room there is for negative feelings like frustration, regret or jealousy. This also leads to a desire to take better care of yourself, which gives you even more to feel thankful for.

So don’t stop sharing those grateful feelings just because the purple flower button is missing. Do yourself, and your friends and followers, a favour, and share all of those thankful feelings.

You’ll be thankful you did.

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