Our Favourite Quotes from the 2017 Halifax Entrepreneurial Development Conference and Expo

Our Favourite Quotes from the 2017 Halifax Entrepreneurial Development Conference and Expo

In case you missed it, the Entrepreneurial Development Conference and Expo (EDCE) hosted its inaugural Halifax event this past weekend.

It was an action packed day and a half of networking, idea sharing, and learning with more than 30 speakers and presenters, a hall full of exhibitors, and 400+ delegates.

Throughout the keynotes and workshops we wrote down the points made by the presenters that were the most meaningful for us. Here are our top 14 favourite quotes from the event:

  • When considering building a successful digital marketing strategy, ask yourself “What can people really count on you for.” – Ivana Taylor, diymarketers.com
  • When it comes to how you handle a mistake (or other potentially negative situation) online “Giving a human response can win you your next customer. Remember #WilliamtheWorm?” – Mick Griffin, Brand 24
  • When considering a business loan “Understand where you are in your business cycle and find the lender that best matches your current needs.” – Jeff Harrinman, FCNB
  • When seeking funding “Look for someone who will do more than just write a cheque.” – Stephen Duff, Innovacorp
  • “A venture capital investment will set your business on a trajectory. Make sure you are truly ready.” – Stephen Duff, Innovacorp
  • “You should always be ready to sell your business. From the very day you open.” – Cyril Cochrane, BDC
  • A great tip regarding selling your business: “You cannot sell a business without considering the tax implications.” – Dan Jennings, BDO
  • When redesigning your business for growth ask yourself “What would you do differently if you were to start over from scratch?” – Ron Lovett, RFL Group of Companies
  • “Don’t give up. It’s too permanent. Learn instead.” – George Armoyan, Armco Capital
  • “Don’t go into a market with at ‘this is how it’s going to be’ attitude. Instead ask ‘how would you like it?'” – Colin MacDonald, Clearwater Seafood
  • “Zag when everyone else zigs.” – Rovers Corbett
  • “Understand that everyone is overwhelmed and experiencing decision fatigue. Show that you respect the time of the person you are calling.” Mary Jane Copps, The Phone Lady
  • “Growth for growths sake is never beneficial, which is also true for changing for changes sake.” – Susan Solovic, The Small Business Expert
  • “Change your attitude to change your results.” – Susan Solovic, The Small Business Expert

Were you one of the lucky event goers who was also in attendance? If yes, share your favourite quotes with us!

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