Wired Flare is a B Corp certified ethical, female-led digital shepherd, helping businesses connect with customers, partners and communities through compelling story. We use tools like social media, inbound marketing, SEO and content development to cut through online chatter and convey real meaning that turns customers into champions and businesses into brands that do good. To find out more about the ways in which we demonstrate our commitment to using business for good and our continuous journey of improving our impact standards, access our 2017 B Impact Assessment.

At our core, we are storytellers. We take an innovative and and “soulcial” approach to marketing that’s about much more than helping our clients increase profit. For us, it is about getting to the heart of why our clients do what they do and then helping them achieve their end goals.

The end goals, visions and ultimate positive impact on the world that our collective stories make…that is why we do what we do. And we love it.

Sliding_images_2_ApproachWe take a soulcial approach to marketing that focuses on communicating in a way that generates positive impact. We work with you to identify who you are and how we can integrate the good that you do into your story. We get to the bottom of what you need in order to reach your audience while increasing your triple bottom line, and we make it happen in a way that works for everyone involved. We light the fire and ignite the conversation. 

Our president, Frances Leary, has a background in Folklore, which adds a unique perspective to the field of marketing. Contrary to general knowledge, Folklore is more than stories. It is the communication of belief systems. That, in fact, is exactly what must be done in order to build a company’s brand on the Internet.

Telling your story in a way that generates business growth and a greater positive impact is what we do best. 

Using Business as a Force for GoodWired Flare is a certified B Corporation and Women’s Business Enterprise. We are dedicated to conducting business at the highest level of ethical standards. We are committed to creating a safe and healthy environment for our team and clients, and as we grow we are committed to shrinking our carbon footprint and to using our resources to have a positive impact on the planet. As part of our commitment to the environment, we are bullfrogpowered.

A portion of our company’s resources is consistently dedicated to supporting non-profit organizations, both by training and by providing no-cost search marketing and social media initiatives. 

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The Wired Flare story actually began in the swamps of Louisiana and Mississippi…with a “Swamp Monster” called The Honey Island Swamp Monster (what some people would call a Louisiana Bigfoot). Find out how all that laid the foundation for who we are today.