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How Social Media Could Shape Your Decision to Purchase a Franchise

by Frances Leary Originally published on Social media communication can actually be a great indicator as to how a franchise system supports its franchisees. Once you’ve narrowed down your potential franchise choices, take some time to look at their social media and consider the following things. Is There a Social Media Presence? First, determine […]

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Developing Social Media Content

The types of content you share on social channels work together to communicate with your audience, and the most effective content strategies are those that are focused on bringing value to the audience, not in pushing sales. Each piece of content should be related to your company’s industry and do one of five things: 1. […]

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Using Social Media for Brand Communication and Marketing

Among many other things it can do, social media is a powerful tool for brand communication and marketing. One would think this might go without saying, but many businesses still aren’t quite sure how it fits into their traditional marketing plan. First, it’s important to understand that brand isn’t what you say it is…it’s what […]

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