What Is Inbound Methodology?

Inbound marketing is the process of attracting your customers to you by offering them information that will help them solve an immediate problem they are experiencing. This help draws them to your website, where they are converted into leads. You then build relationships with them and nurture them to become customers. You continuing strengthening your relationship with them, and they become your greatest advocates.

Unique Content

This content brands you as an expert and sets you apart from your competition. It also benefits your audience right now and starts building trust.

Targeted Landing Pages

Landing pages provide you with a place to offer your unique content offers and introduces your visitors to the ways in which you can help solve their problems.

Contact Forms

These forms, housed on your landing pages, allow you to capture the contact information for visitors who request your content, thus turning visitors into leads.

Online Promotion and Conversation

Through blogging and social distribution, along with SEO, you increase visibility for your content offers and build relationships with your audience, resulting in more visitors.

Calls to Action

Calls to action are placed in strategic locations on your website and social channels in order to prompt visitors to go to request a copy of your content offer.

Contact Management and Follow Up

Once you have captured leads, you need a system for monitoring their activity, following up with them and nurturing those relationships to convert leads into clients.